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non-political visit - MOSCOW
“Badabada?” group has a mission to popularize “comics” in Armenia with different projects like “Drink’n’Draw” and for example the last “24 Hour Comic Marathon” in Yerevan with over 150 participants. 





[Armenian delegation in Moscow International Comics Festival Kommissia]  




Everything started when comics enthusiasts Tigran Araqelyan, Shamiram Khachatryan, Eduard Paskevichyan and Tigran Grigoryan arrived in Moscow to participate in Comics Festival. The goal was to show what we do in Yerevan, meet new people and for sure to get inspiration for new projects.



[we were too late to meet him personally]  


Festival venues were spread all over Moscow and we did a lot of exploration while jumping from one site to the other. Unfortunately to do this we had to spend hours riding the famous Moscow metro.




[the festival launched with exhibitions of Victor Goppe’s “Time of Ksenia” and Georgy Listvichevsky’s “Girls and Crocodile” in Chekhov library]


As part of the fest we were to create “Jumbo loop comics”. Thus from the very first day we started searching for necessary materials. Turned out finding a black duct tape in Moscow was a challenge.




[enthusiasts highway]


After finally obtaining all the materials we started working on “Jumbo loop comics” at the “Fabrika.” Along with other comics artists we had to come up with a script in a very short period.






[preparation works for the giant loop comics]


Bulgarian modern comics were displayed in a very original way curated by Alexander Vichkov. Despite the age difference we quickly got along and he shared his professional experience with us.





[opening of Bulgarian comics exhibition, new acquaintances and interesting stories]




Our everyday gatherings took place at Jean-Jacques cafe in China Town, Moscow . This was a perfect place for Drink’n’Draw -- the tables were set with large paper clothes made for drawing.





[Drink’n’Draw at Jean-Jacques cafe]


The fest had a really busy schedule with several events a day, meetings, discussions, etc. On May 19, we held a discussion of “Jumbo loop comics” script at Komunalka cafe. There were several Russian comics artist at the venue as well as festival guests from USA, France, Finland, and Georgia. It was a bit challenging to discuss a script with a large and diverse group but we eventually came up with the first draft.



[Rick Meyers]






[Jumbo discussion]


The next day at 11:00a.m. we started drawing “Jumbo loop comics” at Fabrika. We had to limit its length to 25 meters due to the venue’s technical features.










[making of the Jumbo loop comics]


Special thanks to Alexey Iorsh who helped us all along and at the same time prepared the exhibition for the already classical Russian comics artists team called “KOM.




[Alexey Iorsh]


“Fabrika’s” territory is a factory turned into an art center with showrooms, workshops and studios. It has various educational sections and lots of interesting areas.





[the yellow wall of Fabrika]


Main events took place on May 21.

We rushed to the Russian State Library for Young Adults where we presented the “Badabada?” comics magazine and modern Armenian comics art, as well as talked about various comics events we organize in Armenia.





[introduction to modern Armenian comics art]


Next stop was Fabrika with the opening ceremony of KOM team’s exhibition and Jumbo loop comics. The venue was also overcrowded despite being located on the other end of the city.









[joint exhibition of Jambo loop comics and KOM team’s works]

Next destination was “Tochka sborki.” This was the most crowded site as it held various events, meetings, book fairs, and also hosted the Drink’n’Draw event. Most of the participants of the fest were here.
We had an interesting encounter with the organizer of Moscow Drink’n’Draw who had learnt about Drink’n’Draw Yerevan through our Instagram page and came to meet us.









[blurry photos from Drink’n’Draw]


The closing ceremony took place on May 22 during which the winners were announced.



[Dennis Calero]


Kommissia comics fest was experiencing problems similar to ours -- which is mostly the lack of financial resources.

We are sure they will eventually overcome these problems since the youth in the region is gradually showing more interest in comics art.



[Thank you!]




P.S. For more instagram, youtube.

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